UNITED STATES: Affirmative action in law enforcement

Affirmative action, promoted either by liberal whites of by groups that can thereby secure an unfair advantage, produces some odd results, as Randy Black illustrates: Conservative Dallasites are in denial. (I live in the ‘burbs.). Dallas found itself with a Democratic Party Hispanic, lesbian female (I realize that’s redundant.) with no previous police department experience win the Dallas County Sheriff’s head job, against a Republican white male with 25 years experience in law enforcement. While I don’t dispute that she won, nor do I care that she’s gay and Hispanic, I was surprised that a person with no real police experience could pull off such an accomplishment in the big city. Personally, I am proud that Dallas can look at the candidate without taking into account her personal life. Still, it was unusual around these parts. In Dallas, by the way, Hispanics are the largest demographic in the school system. For you non-Texans, the Sheriff is not the top dog in law enforcement (that’s the Police Chief). Our new Sheriff is in charge of the non-City-of-Dallas areas of Dallas County that are not part of other towns and cities, thus a fairly small land area all things considered since Dallas and the Dallas County suburbs take up most of the land area.
Her only previous experience in law enforcement, according to what I have read, was as an investigator for the INS. Bravo for her win, but many around here are sort of puzzled. RH: We should discuss frankly the damage affirmative action has done to our universities and to the minorities which allegedly benefit from it..

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last updated: December 5, 2004