WORLD WAR II: The rift between the U.S. and Europe

Istvan Simon writes; John Heelan's explanation that Europe "provided proxy killing fields for  American troops in World War II" is an example of confused thinking.  The fact that America benefited from fighting World War II in no way diminishes the enormous debt that  countries like France and Germany owe the United States. Further, clearly providing "proxy killing fields" was not voluntary, therefore it in no way answers my question.  I had asked, " I would like to know what France and Germany did for us of comparable magnitude". Mr. Heelan's answer  can be summarized  with one word: Nothing.

Tim Brown writes:So now John Heelan is arguing that the US bears the entire blame for both World War I and World War II and fought them in Europe only because we nasty Yankees exploited nice innocent Europeans so we could use their territories as our proxy killing fields against the cute Kaiser and that saintly German, Adolph Hitler and his victimized SS troops. In other words, Heelan believes that it was the United States, not Germany, that was the aggressor in both world wars and the French, Belgians and others would not have been invaded had it not been for us and therefore were the victims not of German imperialism or Nazi expansionism but of American guile and perfidy.  What a strange world he lives in!

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