GERMANY: Hitler's well-publicized agenda

Christopher Jones answers the question "Did the German people know what they were getting into?"  Some certainly did, because Hitler was very frank on the campaign trail.  Of course, mass media was not developed so if you were not a habitual newspaper reader and sat glued to the radio (also rare, it was Goebbels who made the radio a product for the masses) it is conceivable that you did not know.  There is also the question of the referedums, after the Nazis were in power -- some say that he really did get 90+% Ja.  There is a well known film of candidate Hitler on the stump where he says: "They call me intolerant, well I am intolerant.  I dream of the day when we can sweep all these political parties away" Adolf Hitler, 1932.

RH: It is dangerous to damn political parties, because that can provide an authoritarian politician with a mandate to abolish them.  As for Goebbels, I had never thought about his wife, but, according to a documentary, she was a major force in promoting the cult of Nostradamus in Nazi Germany.  The excellent documentary showed how the predictions of Nostradamus had been interpreted to predict the rise and triumph of Hitler. The Nazis used this, conveniently omitting verses supposedly foretelling the fall of Hitler. A Google search brings up many items about Nostradamus and Nazi Germany.  Clearly Nazi leaders' heads were filled with a mystical hodge-podge.

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last updated: January 16, 2005