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New Topics: December 8-31, 2004

Chile: Pinochet

Chile: New York Times Article

China: Mao

China: Poverty and Religion

Education: Math Performance of 15 year olds

Energy: Solar vs. Nuclear

England: Assassination of Diana

Environment: Life and Death

France: Sophie Germaine

France: Ivory Coast

Germany: Nuclear Power

Germany: Elite Universities

Germany: Frederick II of Sicily

Germany: Hitler's Well Publicized Agenda

Germany: Children Became Letters

Greece: Greek Culture, Alexander the Great, and Romans and Arabs

Hungary: November 4th, 1956

Iran: Journalists Escape from Iran

Iran: Persian Names and Islam

Iran: National Geographic Retreats?

Iran: Zoroaster

Iraq: Fate of Two Iraqi Women Scientists

Italy: Julius Evola

Medicine: Polio Cases Worldwide

Mexico: Gulf of Mexico

Middle East: Arak and camels

Music: Wagner and Myth

Psychiatry: The Use and Abuse of

Religion: Bids Virgin Mary

Southasia: Tusunami

Spain: Catalon Website

Spain: Greater Catalonia

Spain: Dialects of Catalan

Terrorism: 9/11

USA: American are Gun Crazy

USA: Jane Fonda

USA: John Ashcroft

WAIS: Christmas Message 2004

WAISers: Raúl Estrada Oyuela of Argntina




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