UK: The assassination (?) of Princess Diana

Randy Black referred to a British documentary alleging that Princess Diana had been killed on orders from the Royal Family, but the producers admitted that their entire story was based upon conspiracy research provided by Lyndon LaRouche. I said: The story about the British film is an incredible example of the irresponsibility od the movie industry.   I know nothing about the film. I hope John Heelan can from the UK can give us more information.

John replies_There have been multiple documentaries about the event, some presented by the BBC who  perhaps have more of a reputation for integrity than most media outlets.  [I have never heard the distinctive name, Lyndon LaRouche, ever mentioned.] Princess Diana murder conspiracy theories continue to do the rounds in the UK ever since the event happened   Mohammed al-Fayed, whom we have discussed before, is convinced that his son, Dodi, and Diana were murdered and has been trying to get independent enquiries started without much success, as the Establishment blocks him every time. "What have they to hide?" claim the conspiracy-buffs. Each documentary seems to retrace the same steps, perhaps adding later evidence to prove/disprove it was murder rather than an accident. Various motives have been suggested, some ludicrous.  They range from alleged betrothal of Diana and Dodi- which would have made the mother of the next King of England (and Head of the Anglican Church) a Muslim: to the murder being allegedly concocted by family/cronies of Prince Charles to allow him to marry his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles; to the murder being allegedly attributed to the same people as a means of removing Diana's publicity resulting with her dalliances with a variety of lovers, making her a constant thorn in the flesh of the UK's Royal Family, a thorn with considerable public support and sympathy, to the detriment of the Royal Family's own popularity; and so on.

Diana herself had said publicly that she feared "her enemies" would  do away with her.  The latest twist stems from the "Diana tapes" recently made public in the US  in which she discusses her affair with her bodyguard, Barry Mannakee, to the extent of wanting to run away with him.   Mannakee, a police officer, was removed from his post after the affair became known in Court circles and was subsequently killed in a motorcycle crash some months later. The conspiracy buffs regard this event as suspicious as well.

As with the Kennedy assassination, much of the forensic and other evidence has disappeared, many of the main players have subsequently died - the conspiracy theorists see these "facts" adding to the alleged cover-up.  As with Kennedy, the story will run and run, possibly without any additional light being thrown on what really happened in that Parisian traffic tunnel.

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