Germany: Nuclear Power

Regarding my comment, "Germany is phasing out its nuclear plants. and is building large solar energy structures", Randy Black says: Germany’s 18 nuclear power plants produce at least one third of the nation’s needs. Agreements put in place in the late 1990s insure the continued operation of all but three of the plants for more than 30 years or longer into the future. German public sentiment in the last few years has swung strongly in support of nuclear energy. A poll late in 1997 showed that some 81% of Germans wanted existing nuclear plants to continue operating, the highest level for many years and well up from the 1991 figure of 64%. The vast majority of Germans expected nuclear energy to be widely used in the foreseeable future. The poll also showed a sharp drop in sympathy for militant protests against transport of radioactive waste. A major poll carried out after the October 1998 election confirmed German public support for nuclear energy. Overall 77% supported the continued use of nuclear energy, while only 13% favoured the immediate closure of nuclear power plants. In November 1998 Germany's electric utilities issued a joint statement pointing out that achievement of greenhouse goals would not be possible without nuclear energy.


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