Re: IRAQ: The fate of two women Iraqi scientists

Istvan Simon writes: John Heelan is using loaded language when referring to the contradictory statements about the release of the 2 women. I am sorry for Mr. Bigley who was murdered by the Zarqawi criminals. To attribute it to the decision not to give in to terrorist demands is wrong. The responsibility for murdering Mr. Bigley falls on Zarqawi and his gang of criminals alone. Releasing contradictory statements on the subject does not prove any of the  statements Mr. Heelan claims. It is quite common to have contradictory statements from government officials in the US and I am sure in the UK as well. To try to  conclude from such evidence who is in charge and who is not, as Mr. Heelan attempts in this case, is fruitless.  The evidence simply does not warrant any such conclusions.

Ronald Hilton 2004


last updated: January 17, 2005