Re: ITALY: Julius Evola solipsisy

Stanley Payne commended "an excellent book on the exaggerations involved in current concepts of  neofascism, It has a fine chapter on Julius Evola".

I said Evola was a solipsist, is a person who thinks that one can know nothing but one's own experience,  which therefore would make him anathema to a historian like Stanley. A useful insult to be kept in reserve for a person you wish to baffle with your insult. George Sassoon joins in the condemnation of Evola: I looked up Julius Evola on the internet - not, I agree, an authoritative source - and came to the conclusion that he was an utter waste of time and space, not to mention his absurd politics.  My reason for this was that he wrote a book on the holy grail, in which I have a literary interest.  Fortunately there seems to be nothing in the book of interest for me.

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