Arak and Camels

I asked: Is kumiss/araq available in the US?  Has any WAISer tried it?  John Heelan answers: I drank arak in the Middle East and Southern Spain (and obviously have lived to tell the tale although it is rumoured to rot the brain- I await WAISers' comment, "Oh! That's the reason!").  It is a strong aniseed-flavoured colourless spirit which turns to a milky-white liquid after water and/or ice are added- similar to absinthe, wormwood or Pastis.  It is usually served with mezza- a mix of various hors d'oeuvre-like nibbles.  [After arak and mezza, few people need any more sustenance other than a helping hand to walk.] Thankfully I was never asked to try camel blood mixed with camel milk that nomads used to sustain themselves when traversing large waste tracts on foot.  

RH: Arak is alcoholic. as the Russian drinks mentioned by Cameron Sawyer seem to be.  There are some Muslim sects that drink alcohol. Details, please.

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