Tim Brown said: "Some of us vividly remember what people like Jane Fonda¨in their zealotry did that caused massive bodily and mental injury to our comrades in arms"

Randy Black replies: Tim Brown has been bamboozled by a five-year old Internet myth that is a combination of fact and fiction. While I am definitely not a fan of Jane Fonda’s politics, the actual story that Mr. Brown references regarding “100 Woman of the Century” took place in 1999.

Source: http://www.snopes.com/military/fonda.asp 

RH: This is completely outside of my area of expertise.

Replying to a sergeant who criticized Jane Fonda, David Krieger says: It is strange how some in this country conceive of traitors.  I would say that the traitors are those who lead the country into unconstitutional wars based on lies.  It happened in the Vietnam War and again in the Iraq War.  The sergeant’s anger should be directed not at Jane Fonda, but at those US leaders responsible for violating the Geneva Accords and for the crime of aggression. 

Istvan Simon says: I completely agree with Tim Brown and  USAF CMSgt Ronald Sampson's comments.  A very large number of Americans protested the Viet Nam war, and, as we live in  democracy, their right of protest and to be heard is unquestioned.  But  what Hanoi Jane did went much beyond the limits of acceptable behavior. She is guilty of treason, a crime for which she has not paid yet.  Her passport should have been taken away, and  she should be allowed to live with the "benevolent" North Vietnamese  that she preferred over her own countrymen.  I  doubt that whoever had the lame idea of honoring this disgusting little actress will follow through, but if they do, hopefully thousands will show up in protest, especially Viet Nam veterans, to whom she caused so much harm.

Ronald Hilton 2004


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